Watercolor + Ink, “Solo”

Watercolor + Ink

Watercolor + Ink

18 Replies to “Watercolor + Ink, “Solo””

  1. kemarilagi says:

    ‘solo’ means mast*****te?

  2. Wow…that’s really well done. Thanks for putting that out. You’re very good.

  3. ayitl says:

    wow, this is amazing.

  4. babyvixen says:


  5. Absolutely love this.

  6. Reblogged this on hospitalnutricional and commented:
    Sexo é saudável e saúde

  7. manojgeorje says:

    Reblogged this on manojgeorje and commented:
    Really amazing

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  9. Jessica Servidio says:

    Oddio, ricordo male o riguardo a questo “tema” è stato fatto anche un quadro (qualche secolo fa) ? Non ne ricordo l’autore, mi sfugge…

  10. Nice. Solo can be very satisfying.

  11. nunziatullio says:

    Crudo, forte e… MERAVIGLIOSO!

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