Author: Bub

Seattle based traditional artist.

Charcoal Drawing

Necronomicon + General Kael

Courage The Cowardly Dog

Man Thing + Howl’s Moving Castle

Watercolor + Ink Mushroom Drawings


Ballpoint Pen Sketches

Charcoal Drawing

Acrylic, “Kermit Captain Smollett”

This is my homage to Kermit’s oscar winning turn as Captain Smollett in the academy award winning film, Muppet Treasure Island. Want a print? Grab one here! This painting was a gift for the love o’ my life, and also marked my first attempt at creating a frame for something. You can

Acrylic, “Sleepy Tree”

I’m celebrating’s 3 year anniversary and 4,000 followers. Here’s a tree! WHEEEEeeeeEE!

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