Acrylics, “Recess”

Also available as a print here from Society6. Cheers!

Photo, “Sunset Motel”

I found this picture squirreled away in the archives. It was taken back when I got stuck in Shithole, Wyoming during a blizzard and is a missing part of this Hotel Hell photo set. Do you feel your home, camper or murder shack is lacking a crucial piece of wall art? Do you need something slightly unsettling to [...]

Photo, “#25”

This picture is one of a set of photos I took whilst on the road and stuck in the shittiest hotel I've ever seen (you can see the whole set here). This particular shot of the door was requested as a print, and if you're interested you can get yourself one here. I'm also particularly [...]

Dirty Sketchbooks (NWA)

I've been doing a little spring cleaning around the site and condensed a few sketch posts into one. Dirty doodles for your enjoyment!

Prints Now Available!

Some of my art is now available as prints, check 'em out here on Society6, or through a links gallery on this page of my site. Society6 makes a beautiful product, and I would encourage all you art lovers to head over and check out their inventory. Also, if you have any feedback or suggestions, let [...]

Art For The New Year! “Mr. Lemon 1 & 2” + “Wolfenbomb”

Watercolor + Ink, “Sammy” + “Friendly Pale Witch”

Watercolor + Ink, “Wizard Jim”

Sex In Stilettos

Scarlett Ryan's book, "Sex In Stilettos: My Life In Porn" is available now on Amazon, and yours truly got to make the cover! I encourage you all to pick it up and have a look, I thought it was sassy as hell. Behold, the Amazon synopsis: An entertaining memoir from an English porn star. Scarlett Ryan [...]

The Honey Money Boyz

It's been my privilege to contribute some doodles to the just launched Honey Money Boys (on Facebook & YouTube),  a frisky fresh collaborative effort betwixt cape-clad DJ Degobot, video artist Enochwho, and artist Arkaik. One of their releases, and the art I made for em, is posted below. I encourage any fans of funky beats and visuals to not [...]

Night Of The Crawling Monsters!!!

I whipped up a lil' ad for Ducati Bellevue's cemetery-oriented group ride event, Night Of The Crawling Monsters!!! I love working on signs like this, mostly, I think, because I love doing fonts. Mmm...font-y. Any Seattle area motorcycle folks should take a peek and get in on the fun, I've posted the details below the image. [...]

Watercolor + Ink, “James2” & “Jim”

For those interested, the gentleman whose likeness is below (in shades against the brick wall) is the proprietor of the groovy comics oriented site Cheers!

Birthday Cards

I always make cards. Birthdays, Holidays, funerals, et cetera. And I felt I should share!

Watercolor + Ink, “James” & “Caterin”

Watercolor + Ink, “Sexy Jetson Bike”