Sketchbook Pages + Instagram

Hi chums! I've been embroiled in character, location and item design sketches for this new series of paintings I've been working on. Here are some of those sketches for your viewing pleasure! Also, I've made myself an account on Instagram (you can find me @ lizard.pudding) and I love it! It's giving me all of [...]

Art For The New Year! “Mr. Lemon 1 & 2” + “Wolfenbomb”

Watercolor + Ink, “Sammy” + “Friendly Pale Witch”

Watercolor + Ink, “James2” & “Jim”

For those interested, the gentleman whose likeness is below (in shades against the brick wall) is the proprietor of the groovy comics oriented site Cheers!

Watercolor + Ink, “James” & “Caterin”

Watercolor + Ink, “Bourgeois Wedding In Space”

Watercolor + Ink, “Spit” & “Happy Face”

Watercolor + Ink, “My Favorite Table 1, 2” & “Shotgun Babe1”

Roadtrip Sketchbook (NWA)

Liza Concept Art

I've been collaborating on a secret project called Liza with the curator of Poison Poppies for ages now. Maybe, someday, it'll become reality.

Clay bust (ed)


Watercolor B-Sides