Sketchbook Pages + Instagram

Hi chums! I've been embroiled in character, location and item design sketches for this new series of paintings I've been working on. Here are some of those sketches for your viewing pleasure! Also, I've made myself an account on Instagram (you can find me @ lizard.pudding) and I love it! It's giving me all of [...]

Sketchbook Pages

Hi folks! I've been off-site for a while, cooking up some new ideas. I think I've settled on an idea for a series of paintings, each one being a snapshot of people, places and things around the "town" of Scrapple. Here are a few sketches, more to come!  

Graffiti from Thailand & Laos

My partner and I went on an amazing trip to Thailand & Laos, and the graffiti and street art we saw blew my mind! Here's a gallery with some highlights, hope you dig 'em!  

Who lives here?

I just sorta jumped into this little painting on a panel, and I'm still unsure who or what is supposed to occupy this gloomy place fulla trees and pipes. Who's got ideas?

Acrylic, “Hair”

I took another spin on an earlier watercolor rough draft that you can see here.

Sketchbook Pages

Various doodles scavenged from under the couch, the shoe bin and the sock drawer. Enjoy!

Acrylic, “Kermit Captain Smollett”

This is my homage to Kermit's oscar winning turn as Captain Smollett in the academy award winning film, Muppet Treasure Island. Want a print? Grab one here! This painting was a gift for the love o' my life, and also marked my first attempt at creating a frame for something. You can get a look at the [...]

Acrylic, “Stars N’ Stuff”

This is a teensy-weensy widdle painting, only 3"x3". Hyuck!

Acrylic, “Sleepy Tree”

I'm celebrating's 3 year anniversary and 4,000 followers. Here's a tree! WHEEEEeeeeEE!

Acrylic, “Some Kinda Conformity Battle”

I put a few hours into this one! At 24" x 30" it's a honker, size-wise! Watcha think?

Sketchbook Pages

The following batch of doodles and rough drafts represent the sorta work that accumulates around my workspace. Artistic boogers.

Series, 5 Watercolor+Ink Portraits

sHere's another handful of funky faces painted on teensy-weensy Aquaboards. I've been digging this Aquaboard stuff lately, it's a great surface for a liner brush and watercolors. Cheers!

Series, 3 Watercolor + Ink Portrait

SI've been playing around with these fun lil' 4"x4" aquaboards made from some mysterious clay substance. They suck up watercolor really nicely!

Watercolor + Ink, “Drippy John”

Acrylic, “Loopy vs Hunk, Round 2”

I keep waiting for somebody to come up with a 2D Street Fighter-esque brawler featuring cartoon animals. I guess I'll just doodle it until it becomes reality...