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Courage The Cowardly Dog

Man Thing + Howl’s Moving Castle

Acrylic, “Kermit Captain Smollett”

This is my homage to Kermit’s oscar winning turn as Captain Smollett in the academy award winning film, Muppet Treasure Island. Want a print? Grab one here! This painting was a gift for the love o’ my life, and also marked my first attempt at creating a frame for something. You can

Acrylic, “Sleepy Tree”

I’m celebrating lizardpudding.com’s 3 year anniversary and 4,000 followers. Here’s a tree! WHEEEEeeeeEE!

Acrylic, “Some Kinda Conformity Battle”

I put a few hours into this one! At 24″ x 30″ it’s a honker, size-wise! Watcha think?

Watercolor + Ink, “Subway Flasher”

Acrylics, “Recess”

Also available as a print here from Society6. Cheers!

Watercolor + Ink, “Solo”

Watercolor + Ink Portrait

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